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Tai Chi


Drayton Centre, 228 Havant Rd, PO6 2AP


Classes run during school term time and on a skeleton basis during Summer Holidays

Please visit the Timetable / Fees page for course dates and fees.


What is Tai Chi Qigong? Qi (energy) Gong (to work)

There are many forms of Tai Chi and my aim is to deliver 18 Shibashi 1 movements as a health-promoting exercise where everyone young and old can learn to do it. Tai Chi Movements encourage the stretching and stimulation of the smaller muscles and ligaments to ensure joints are protected and the muscles build up slowly. The combination of graceful, flowing movements and deep, relaxed breathing, encourages tension held deep in the body's tissues to soften and release. Movements are performed in a sequence to ensure internal energy is pushed' through all the channels (meridians) to various organs of the body.


Do I need to be fit to do Tai Chi Qigong?

Tai Chi Qigong is for everyone and most people should be able to do it. It is ideal for inactive people and older adults wanting to raise their activity levels gently and gradually. Tai Chi Qigong movements can be adapted for people with limited movement and exercises can be adapted and followed while seated.


What are the health benefits of Tai Chi Qigong?

Tai Chi can help to reduce stress, improve balance and general mobility and increase muscle strength in the legs. Some research suggests Tai Chi can reduce the risk of falls among older adults and improve mobility in the ankle, hip and knee in people with rheumatoid arthritis (RH).


A discount is offered if a participant wishes to attend two classes weekly.

  • Two Pilates classes fees discount £12.
  • Tai Chi & Pilates fees discount £10.
  • Pilates & (Zumba) Cardio dance fees discount £6.
  • Tai Chi & (Zumba) Cardio dance fees discount £6.
  • Please note if away on holiday no credit offered.
  • Catch up classes for missed classes are offered within over 6 week paid block.